How Much Does It Take?

As an educator (reveal to those who don’t know me, I’m a college instructor), it boggles my mind that so much can be spent on those in schooling and receive so little to show for it. By that, I mean subject proficiency and graduation rates. Continue reading


Greening the Crescent City

New Orleans has always been famous for its wide, tree-lined boulevards. It gives a certain beauty to the city that is often absent from other cities in America. One thing that I’ve always wondered upon, though, is the lack of edible plant material. I can recall when I was young that both sets of my grandparents had numerous fruits and veggies growing in their yards, be it merliton, figs, grapes, pecans, and even pepper bushes. I just don’t see that much these days.

(Hollygrove Market Garden, photo courtesy LSU Ag Center) Continue reading