When the gold stops shimmering…

….this is how I feel about the social scene in New Orleans. It is complete sensory overload. Although there has always been a healthy festivity culture here, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s become a bit too much for me after all these decades of reveling in such. It seems that there is always (and I mean ALWAYS) at least 3 major events any given week. I’m suffering burnout.

I’m not sure of how many out there feel the same way, but I did run across this piece from the Journal of American History which comes to similar conclusions as I do (that the city has become “Disney-fied” and a caricature of itself), though the author does cut thick on the racism angle, in my opinion.

Don’t mistaken what I write here, though; I am belaboring my own fatigue of this festival climate, which has only ramped up over the years. I do understand the economic impact of the tourism “industry” (for lack of better terminology), to the tune of about $5000000000 (that’s BILLION) a year.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but sometimes I just want to walk to a local bar in my neighborhood that isn’t swamped with tourists, doesn’t have expensive drinks, and will let my dog in with me because now, all of a sudden, he’s considered “dirty” most places. There has to be some middle ground, surely? The closest I can find is during one of the weekdays I have off (typically Monday) picking up a six-pack of NOLA Blonde, and bicycling out to Audubon Park and sitting at The Fly to watch the boats pass along the river in relative silence.

I guess I have to take what I can get. Enjoy the festivities, folks. I’ll be avoiding most of them for the foreseeable future.



2 thoughts on “When the gold stops shimmering…

  1. feistyone says:

    Growing up in New Orleans, I remember looking forward to events, festivals, celebrations. Now, the choices are so plentiful that these events don’t hold the same patina or offer the sense of anticipation that they once did.

    Nice post, Doc.

  2. Thank you, feisty. Yes, indeed.

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